EXPERT Soundboxes

David Phillips and Edward Creese assembled all the early EMG soundboxes. David Phillips fine-tuned them and Edward Creese doped the bamboo needles to harden them. The long list of 2-spring soundboxes culminated with the excellent "Horseshoe" 2-spring soundbox. The Long-bar soundbox based on the Wild Connoisseur Soundbox was issued with the EMG Mk X in 1929. The EMG 4-spring soundbox came next, just as Ginn lost control of EMG.

With the formation of EXPERT Handmade Gramophones, not only did Ginn and Phillips have to come up with a new design for a gramophone but also a new soundbox. The EXPERT 2-spring was born. Soon followed by the EXPERT Dynamic 4-spring. Subjectively, the best acoustic soundbox ever produced.

EXPERT Electric Pickups

C.1953. David Phillips and Tom Fenton designed and made these Moving Coil pickups

Tom Fenton was with EMG for 20 years. He edited the Monthly New Letter for EMG until 1949. He then worked for Expert at Ingerthorpe were he and David Phillips, made the Expert tone arms and the Mono M/C cartridges. In 1960, Tom Fenton took over the pickup business, and named it, EXPERT PICKUPS Ltd.

In 1970, EXPERT PICKUPS was bought by Mr Wyndham Hodgson who personally took over the repair of these pickups. Expert Pickups still functions today, being one of the very few companies, worldwide, who still hand make and repair high end stylus and cartridge parts. Expert Stylus & Cartridge Co. +44 (1372) 276-147