E. Paillard & Cie, Ste-Croix (Suisse)


The French speaking Saint Croix area of Switzerland is known as the world capital of mechanical music. The area manufactured a huge array of high precision watches, clocks, musical boxes, phonographs, gramophones, typewriters, cameras and many more. The many companies here also manufactured many mechanical parts and accessories for these, successfully exporting them throughout Europe. The two main companies here were Paillard and Thorens.

 Paillard is known for its beautiful Maestrophone range of gramophones from its iconic Maestrophone Stirling engine hot air model to tiny-portable models.

Paillard produced so many different models of gramophones. Their catalogues are jam packed with an array of gramophone parts and a mind boggles variety of motors.  These are just motors branded as Paillard, of course they also made parts and motors for a whole load of European companies. “Swiss Made” pretty much would mean made at Paillard, Thorens or Phrynis.

Dating Paillard motors is guess work and based on dated Paillard and Maestrophone catalogues.  Often the catalogues are not dated.

Information here has been dissected from catalogues at this superb Swiss site. GRAPHONOGRAM


Paillard was the largest manufacturer of spring motors in Europe. They produced quality, (the Paillard GGR double spring motor is often found on E.M.G and EXPERT Gramophones) and budget models. Up until the 1920's, most gramophone manufacturers throughout Europe used Paillard motors. They were joined later by their "sister" company Thorens and Phrynis, both from Saint Croix in Switzerland. A large number of Paillard motors used in the UK were simply marked "Swiss Made". The local UK manufacturers of motors, Garrard and Collaro started up in 1919 & 1920. More expensive, these UK motors were often superior in quality to their Swiss counterparts. Swiss motors were still very much in demand for cheaper and portable gramophones.


Models: M; A; B; S; D; DD; DB; E; G; OG; GG and H


Models: A; G; GG; H; L; M; S; TB; PB; TD and Stirling Hot-Air Engine


Models: AX; Z; Y&YB; 15D&15DD; 15P; 15R; RX & RRX; TRX; 20X; 55&155; 65&165; SAR; TAR; SOR; TOR; B; BB; B2; BB2; CF; PFR; PRR; GR; 30B; 30R; GGR; GGB; 8R; HR; LR; 8625 Universal motor; EM Universal/spring; Model A Induction. 120 Induction; 98