E.M.G Motors Tonearms and Accessories.

E.M.G did not make any motors but used tried and tested motors from various manufacturers. Starting with spring motors by Seymour and Thorens. The Collaro D30 and Paillard GGR 255 were used widely throughout their range of gramophones. The Garrard Electric Induction motor was a common replacement for a spring motor. On rare occasions, the strange and very quiet, Simpsons Synchronous Turntable turns up inside an E.M.G .

E.M.G's early tonearms were designed and produced by Henry Seymour. The Seymour/Wilson tonearm set the standard and E.M.G from then on produced their own. With no copyright, they branded them with their initials.

E.M.G produced a wide range of gramophone accessories. These low cost items were vital for survival during the war.