The Gramophone Man

GRAMOPHONE DJ based in Victoria, Australia.

The Gramophone Man spins vintage records on his unique gramophones. An extensive musical collection provides a nostalgic and whimsical accompaniment to any situation

  • EVENTS. The Gramophone Man is available for any event. Themed parties: from 20's to 80's and current Steampunk, to weddings, promotional launches & corporate events. A unique performance for any occasion.
  • MUSIC MACHINES. Two machines are usually used for a continuous DJ set. Chosen from the museum to suit each occasion, they can vary hugely in size, sound & visual appeal. From gramophones, phonographs, Hi-Fi equipment, magnetic tapes, & CD's, to current digital Blu-ray & MP3 formats.
  • STYLES OF MUSIC. Every genre of music from music-hall of the early 1900's to modern day electronica. The decades overlap with musical styles. Classical, Ragtime, Jazz, Big Band, Blues, Swing, Rock ā€˜nā€™ Roll, R&B, Country, Folk, Rock, Pop, Psychedelic, Disco, Reggae, Punk, Modern Romantic, Asian Underground, Metal, Drum & Bass.